Filtering out distractions to help meet your writing deadline

There is so much things going on on throughout the day that are constantly battling for our attention. This makes it difficult to be productive. With social media at our fingertips, it is difficult to complete all the writing tasks that you planned throughout the day. With the growing number of self professed “procrastinators” it is more than likely you have battled between surfing online or meeting your deadline.

 Distractions are everywhere

How many times have you sat late in your room trying to complete a last minute homework assignment, or project due for work? Even in these dire circumstances, we still somehow find the time to go online and watch a YouTube clip or see the many on goings in the social media realm. We know we shouldn’t, but it feels so good and come on it will help us er…get motivated so we can be even more productive right after.

Most of these tactics, unfortunately, only serve to delay us. There are a number of different strategies that we can use in order to help us succeed in being more constructive throughout the day so we can get more stuff done.

  1. Block the Internet

Really! Blocking the internet is a good way to take out all unnecessary noise. If not absolutely necessary, try to complete at least the beginning part of your writing activities over the internet. Whether that is writing an outline, or a rough draft or even bullet points of your ideas at a high level.

If you absolutely must make use of the internet, there are numerous apps you can insert into your web browser as extensions that filter out social media, or your favourite websites when activated.

While making a concerted attempt to disengage from the white noise surrounding you, it should only be a part of a more comprehensive strategy.

  1. Build good habits

Try not to wait until the very last minute to get most of your writing tasks completed. If you know in a particular assignment you have to: research and create an outline, write the first draft, proofread and edit, then write a final draft, make a plan to do them in steps.

Maybe you want to focus on one part of the writing process each day, or do them at different intervals throughout the day. This helps you focus for a shorter period of time so you are not overwhelmed and can maintain your focus. When work is constantly placed on the back burner and allowed to accumulate, it can be difficult to find the resolve to stay on task and meet your timeline.

Make a to-do list

Getting in the active routine of creating a to-do list to complete by the end of a set time period allows you to hold yourself accountable. At the end of each day you can see what you have accomplished and what more needs to be done.

Plan your day

By having blocks of your day planned out for productivity, it leaves little room for other tasks that take up a lot of your time. This includes emails, co-workers, or any other thing that can hold up your precious time. Once you are in the habit of sticking to your daily plan, you will know when you can afford to be laxer with how you are spending your time and when you can’t.

Create an artificial deadline

A lot of the time, it helps to implement a deadline for getting work done that is much closer than the actual deadline. If you are in the habit of procrastinating, it creates a sense of urgency and enables you to focus more on your task. Once complete, you can review it and make the necessary editing changes.

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