When students should use a professional proofreading and editing service

It’s easy to assume we will get through our dissertation or even term paper without requiring much help from professional proofreaders. I mean how difficult is it to use spellcheck? Or even have a friend proofread our paper on our behalf? These are all good ideas and should definitely be utilised to their full potential. Unfortunately, there are also certain variables that cannot be fully accounted for. For instance, a friend might not necessarily have the time to fully undergo a comprehensive proofreading of your work, or might not have the skills required to provide a thorough editing or even provide useful feedback. Knowing when you need to call upon a professional and when you don’t is an important attribute that can help make your work stand out.

When do I need to seek professional proofreading and editing service?

To be quite frank, when you should seek a professional proofreading and editing service depends entirely upon you. Knowing yourself is the most important thing. The first question you need to answer is how well do you write? How well have you articulated your main arguments in your writing? If you believe you can use some improvement in this regard, then you should definitely seek a professional proofreaders’ help. Furthermore, consider the scope of the project and the level of help you require. What I mean by this is to assess whether are you simply looking for someone to put the apostrophes in the right place and ensure all your spellings are correct, or do you need a more substantive level of editing? Someone who will look through your work, make sure your grammar is correct and ensure your sentences make sense. Even take out entire words if necessary to make your points more poignant, articulate and concise. If this is the type of substantive level deep editing you require, then a professional would certainly be the best course of action.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional proof-reader and editor?

If English is not your primary language, then most probably you will have difficulty writing a succinct and well written paper. You could do it, but it will take much longer than it needs to and if you are anything like the majority of students there are other subjects that also need your attention. Moreover, when you choose to use a professional proof-reader, your mistakes and the proof-reader’s suggestions will be highlighted for you using Microsoft tracked changes. This will allow you to see exactly where you have gone wrong or which elements of your writing require more of your attention. The overarching point being, if you are proactive in your approach to proof-reading and editing by paying close attention to the mistakes that were highlighted for you, in time and with practice, the writing process will become easier. Recurring mistakes will become a thing of the past and by seeing how expert proofreaders and editors make changes, it will also increase your level of writing and awareness.

Dissertations, dissertations, dissertations

Dissertations are one of the capstones of many university bachelors, masters and PhD programs. The level of research and effort that goes into writing a dissertation alone should ensure your work is properly proof-read and edited by an individual or organization that is trustworthy and has a strong track record. Having spent all those hours perfecting your academic paper, it is imperative your grammar is accurate and your work is succinct even making sure your points are well argued. Finally, you need to ensure your citations are properly implemented and all your work is accurately referenced at the end of your dissertation. While many of these suggestions seem trivial, dissertations are thoroughly marked and usually by multiple members of staff. Your university is taking it extremely serious…and so should you. At Postscrib, we have worked on many dissertations, and the most common thread between most of them is that there are going to be many errors you were not expecting. Having a professional set of eyes on your academic paper can really improve your chances of receiving the mark you want by accentuating your work to help it truly shine and stand out.

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