About Us


About Us

At PostScrib, we are passionate about editing and proofreading to help our customer’s bring their best foot forward. Seriously! We take pride in our work. From our inception, we had the vision to ensure quality editing was accessible for a fraction of the cost of other organizations. This has led us to a total reworking of the traditional editing business model. We place a lot of emphasis on hiring and training the best staff possible while simultaneously making every edited document undergo rigorous quality control. This ensures quality edited documents for our customers.

Our Editors

  • We hire quality editors who have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  • They speak English fluently and have vast experience in the editing field
  • Have a technical and non technical background so you will find the perfect editor for you.

Our Vision

English can be a barrier to many people either in an academic or professional setting. We envision a world where your work will be judged strictly on its merit and not its grammar. Therefore, we have an ambitious goal of making incredible English grammar accessible to everyone and not only to those fortunate enough to have a solid grounding.

When our customers use PostScrib, we want to empower our customers to enable them to have high quality editing at their fingertips. Thereby, allowing them to reduce costs for business, or have a perfectly polished paper that compliments their outstanding ideas.

We understand you writing is very important to you. Writing an admissions essay to the university of your dreams has meant you have spent countless hours trying to make your work concise and conveying your passion. We want to help you deliver those ideas in language that is strong, coherent and powerful.

In the business field, a well written business proposal can often be the difference between landing a major contract or not. It is our goal that your proposal is clearly understood, and your business’ competitive advantage is clearly highlighted. Furthermore, clear language can save major headaches down the road, by preventing disagreements through misunderstandings or legal disputes.

Contact Us

You can contact us directly by emailing us at info@postscrib.com or by using our contact form. We will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you might have.

Fast Service
Since we know you are consistently under tight deadline pressure, we strive to deliver fast and high quality service. Swift and efficient communication and fast turnaround is our hallmark.
With some of the strictest privacy terms in the business, you can trust us to keep your work secure and confidential.
We provide combined editing and proofreading services for one low price. That doesn’t mean we skimp on quality however. Our editors are experts in the editing and proofreading of the English Language. That means high quality editing and proofreading for a very affordable price.
Accurate Referencing
With strong knowledge of academic referencing methods such as: MLA, Chicago, Harvard, APA, Turabian and IEEE we will make sure your references are always accurate.