Proofreading and Editing for Academic Documents

proofreading and editing for academic documents

Student and Academic Proofreading and Editing

Work with us to make essays, term papers, dissertations or any other academic documents free from error and correctly referenced.

  • Combined Proofreading and Editing Services
  • Improved Writing and Clear Articulation of Ideas
  • Referencing using MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian and IEEE
  • Consistency of Tone and Style

Editing and Proofreading of Academic Documents

For Students:

We understand that when you work hard, you want to be graded on your ideas and not your grammar. Once you have submitted your essay, term paper or dissertation we will carefully proofread and edit for grammar and spelling mistakes as well as perform style checks so that your paper has a consistent tone throughout. We also edit references so your work has a consistent referencing style throughout.

With our affordable service, you have time to focus on other important things and rest assured we are working hard to bring you the highest quality possible.

For Academics:

Publishing articles has never been easier. As an academic professor and research, we understand you have multiple commitments. Relax. Not only will we work hard in making your work clearer and succinct, we will also provide suggestions and corrections where we think the tone of your article could be stronger.

Our Services:

Academic Essays:

You have worked hard to craft and research your essay. However, we can all use a little help every now and again. As expert academic editors we can help to ensure your language is technical and up to university level standards. We can also help fill gaps in information.

Group Essays:

Essays can be tough to complete because everyone’s ideas and writing style are different. At Postscrib, our editors and proofreaders will carefully look through your entire group project and edit for consistency of tone. What this means is we will make sure any large discrepancies or variations in ideas are clearly highlighted as well as edit general grammar so the entire essay looks and feels consistent throughout.

Dissertation or Thesis:

This is the capstone to your program and you want to ensure it is perfect. Well did you know even the slightest or most basic grammatical errors can have a huge impact on the final grade of your dissertation?

Crafting a thesis takes skills. It needs to be specific, concise, not too detail oriented yet contain enough detail to provide insight into the rest of your paper –whew! At Postscrib, we have some of the finest editors who will ensure your thesis matches these guidelines. In addition, we will go through your entire thesis or dissertation to ensure consistency throughout as well as general proofreading.

Admissions Essays/Personal Statement

Looking to get into the University program of your choice? The Admissions essay or personal statement is often used by universities as a tool to separate students. What this means for you is that the admissions essay will give you a chance to shine and really stick out from the rest of the pack.

By uploading your draft document to Postscrib, we can ensure your essay draft matches the criteria most universities are looking for. Furthermore, we can help ensure your essay style is engaging and polished so you can place your best foot forward.

For all our academic services we deliver holistic solutions including:

  • Providing suggestions
  • Helping with sentence and syntax structure
  • Providing insights in gaps in communication
  • Analyzing presentation of information
  • Ensuring readability throughout
  • Proper style and referencing for all research based essays

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Fast Service
Since we know you are consistently under tight deadline pressure, we strive to deliver fast and high quality service. Swift and efficient communication and fast turnaround is our hallmark.
With some of the strictest privacy terms in the business, you can trust us to keep your work secure and confidential.
We provide combined editing and proofreading services for one low price. That doesn’t mean we skimp on quality however. Our editors are experts in the editing and proofreading of the English Language. That means high quality editing and proofreading for a very affordable price.
Accurate Referencing
With strong knowledge of academic referencing methods such as: MLA, Chicago, Harvard, APA, Turabian and IEEE we will make sure your references are always accurate.