Case Studies

Client solutions and cost savings  by using our editing and proofreading services

Real Life Case Study for Business

All Cargos

All Cargos is an event rental company based out of Toronto Canada. Recently they have experienced a surge in growth that has severely constrained the resources they were able to allocate to their documentation services. This problem combined with a sudden increased demand for such services made the outsourcing of their editing and proofreading needs a priority. Once they partnered with our team, they found their documentation were edited and returned in a timely manner, and they were able to do this within their budget.

For most businesses we provide tailored services according to their needs. We work with business clients on a deep level to ensure we understand their exact requirements in order to help add value to their bottom line.

Real Life Case Study for Academics

Dean Kareem

Dean is a recent masters graduate who has been working with Postscrib to edit and proofread his dissertation and other term papers. As a non native English speaker, he has really benefitted from the way our editing and proofreading team were able to guide him in his language structure and sentence development so his ideas became the main focal point of his dissertation and not the grammar of the paper.

This is an absolutely necessary service for students that might need an extra edge when writing assignments and papers. I'm a Masters student and initially I was worried that any recommendations and edits would only be marginal. However, the feedback and comments on my work were so constructive and professional that it was obvious that someone carefully read over my papers to give meaningful feedback. I think this is a great service for students on any level and I wish I had discovered it sooner”

Real Life Case Study for Authors

 Michael Abott

Michael had completed a recent eBook that he also wanted in hard print. He was looking for an editing and proofreading service that would not only thoroughly look through his book but also provide constructive feedback on how to improve his story.

Through our email correspondence, we were able to understand Michael’s exact requirements and provide a comprehensive editing and proofreading package along with formatting for his eBook. We were able to match him with one of our expert story editors who went through his story in a very detail oriented manner and in addition to our grammatical corrections we were able to provide pertinent suggestions on making his story more compelling.

Real Life Case Studies for Personal Editing


Prior to using our editing and proofreading services, Sherri used her local solicitor to write small complaint letters to her landlord, local council and other important activities as English was her second language. Unfortunately, her solicitors were charging her high fees for these letters. After discovering our service, Sherri emailed us regarding her needs and how we could help her.

Our administrative office, once they understood her exact requirements, asked her to simply submit a letter that had the main focal points of her arguments and our team would work to correct and polish it in exchange for a flat fee per letter.

Sherri has now become on of our most loyal and devoted customers using our services for her most pressing needs. It is an example of the flexibility approach Postscrib takes when dealing with its customers and how we work hard everyday to ensure our customers needs are tended to.


Marcel is the typical university graduate. He worked hard in school and once he graduated he wanted to find a fulfilling career. He applied to several positions over a span of 6 months. The problem was he was not receiving the responses he wanted. In his email he even stated “I have the necessary experience, but there are just too many applicants for each position”.

Marcel perfectly stated the problem facing the new generation of job applicants. There is too much competition and any advantage you can acquire helps. We helped Marcel by pairing him with on of our expert resume editors. By looking through Marcel’s resume, our editors were able to pinpoint that he was listing overly specific skills while the jobs he was applying for required a more diversified skill set.

We were able to leverage some of Marcel’s talents into the skills the other jobs he was applying for were inquiring about by focussing on his transferrable skill set. That is skill sets that could be carried over to another potential career. By using this approach Marcel was able to increase the number of interviews he was called in for and is now working in a satisfying job.

At Postscrib, we work hard to ensure our clients are satisfied. Please email us directly at and let us know how we can help you.


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