Proofreading and Editing for Personal Documents

Getting your CVs/Resume and Cover Letters proofread has never been easier. Not only do we check for grammar and spelling mistakes, we ensure your work is consistently formatted throughout and skills transferrable to your job is highlighted.

  • Combined Proofreading and Editing Services
  • Formatting of CV/Resume and Cover Letter
  • Communicate complex thoughts and ideas 

Editing and Proofreading of Personal Documents

Looking for a job is difficult enough. Don’t let errors in your application be the reason you miss out on your dream job. Using our expertise, we aim to edit and proofread your cover letter and cv/resume to help bring your best foot forward. We also edit all other personal documents to enhance your level of communication.

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Fast Service
Since we know you are consistently under tight deadline pressure, we strive to deliver fast and high quality service. Swift and efficient communication and fast turnaround is our hallmark.
With some of the strictest privacy terms in the business, you can trust us to keep your work secure and confidential.
We provide combined editing and proofreading services for one low price. That doesn’t mean we skimp on quality however. Our editors are experts in the editing and proofreading of the English Language. That means high quality editing and proofreading for a very affordable price.
Accurate Referencing
With strong knowledge of academic referencing methods such as: MLA, Chicago, Harvard, APA, Turabian and IEEE we will make sure your references are always accurate.