PostScrib Scholarship Program

PostScrib, an industry leader in document proofreading and editing, is happy to offer a scholarship program to students in Canada and U.S.A.  We are doing this because as a company, we wish to reach out to the needy but talented students who have huge potential to make a positive contribution to society. Today’s students have great potential to become leaders, and we wish to recognize their ambitions by making a financial contribution towards their education.

This scholarship program is open to any student who is attending a US/Canada university or college for the summer of 2018 semester. International students studying and living in Canada and the USA are also eligible.


  • Scholarship applicants must be a citizen of Canada or the United States or be able to show proof of permanent residence.
  • International students studying in Canada or the United States are also eligible; however, they will have to demonstrate their change-making agenda
  • Students must meet the required minimum GPA
  • Applicant must be attending college or university in the fall of 2018.


The following details must be presented for this entry.

  • Must fill all the fields in the online application form
  • Your full name, phone number, mailing address, and email address
  • Copy of transcript – send a current transcript of your high school grades
  • An acceptance letter from an accredited college or university in Canada/USA
  • Proof of US or Canadian residence ( i.e. passport, birth certificate, permanent resident card)
  • Short writing project – Write a short essay detailing how they intend to be change-makers in their respective countries.

As a proofreading and editing company, we value flawless, high-quality writing, and thus we will favor pieces without any grammatical errors. 


Completed applications should be submitted no later than Aug 01st, 2018.


  • The scholarship winner will be announced and awarded on Aug 31st, 2018.
  • Purpose of the scholarship is to cater for tuition and other school-related expenses such as college accommodation, textbooks etc.


Submit the information on form below




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